Q: Can I order online?

A: Yes. You can shop online and we will have your items ready for you to pick up in store, or deliver. We also take phone or e-mail orders.

Q: Are your uniforms “standard” size?  

A: Our suppliers use standard sizing charts to produce their garments but like all clothing, sizes do vary between styles and brands. We do find that our sizing is pretty typical though. If your child is currently wearing size 6 in their everyday clothing, they will most likely be a size 6 in our uniforms (and likely with a little growing room).

Our uniforms are supplied in child and adult sizes. Unlike sizing in the chain stores, our sizing goes up by 2’s, so you won’t find a child size 5 for example. Some of our uniform listings do include sizing charts but if you are unsure, please bring your kids out to try some on. We would love to see you.

Just a note for our customers that are coming from Lowes/Savvy/Macdonalds supplied uniforms under the Beare Ley brand. We have found that sizing for these uniforms are on the small side and our sizing is a bit bigger. You may find you need to go down a size.

Q: What if I buy the wrong size?

A: If the item is in original condition with tags still attached we will exchange it.

Q: How many uniforms should I buy?

A: This really depends on how often you wash, how messy your children are, and how often they lose them! We recommend a minimum of 2 hats, 2 polos, 2 bottoms and 2 jumpers.

Q: Do you have laundering instructions for your uniform items?

A: Our uniform items are designed for easy care. A wash in the machine and a hang on the line will be all most items need. You will find care instructions on the tag of individual garments. Most items will hold up to a good scrub and soak where needed. To extend the colour of your uniforms you can wash and dry them inside out (we all know 1/2 of them will have been left inside out already!). A scrub with a toothbrush will often shift paint and texta marks.

Q: When should I order my uniforms for the new school year?

A: As early as possible! The back to school period is exceptionally busy. Although we hold large numbers of stock for every school they do sell out. We recommend coming and trying on uniforms for size in November or December and placing your order before the end of the year. Then you can just sit back and enjoy your Christmas holiday knowing the kids are sorted for school.

Q: I have ordered school uniforms and selected delivery but we are going on holidays. What can I do?

A: Just pop a little message in the notes section of your order and we will deliver it to you after you get home. Something along the lines of “deliver after the 20th January” will suffice.

Q: Why are you uniform items not the same price as Kmart, Big W etc?

A: Our uniform garments are carefully selected from Australian owned manufacturers who are dedicated to ethical production. Only high quality garments that will withstand the rough and tumble of school kids is chosen. Our garments offer colour consistency from year to year and feature high quality embroidered school logo’s. We know from experience that our uniform items will long outlast their cheaper counterparts. And anything that reduces textile waste is a good thing!

Q: Are your uniforms Australian made?

A: A number of our uniform lines are Australian made, and some of them are made right here in Canberra! All of our suppliers are Australian or New Zealand owned. Many are family owned businesses just like ours! We are currently exploring the addition of organic cotton and hemp uniforms to our range from a wonderful family owned business in SA.

Q: Do you sell second hand uniforms?

A: No, we only sell new uniforms. Please check with your school about the availability of second hand uniforms. Most schools run a second hand uniform shop or have an organised buy/swap/sell page

Q: Do you offer sale days?

A: No, we don’t. We believe uniforms should be affordable when you need them. We take a “Every Day Low Price” approach. We also offer budgeting payment methods such as Afterpay & ZipPay. You will find our uniforms offer fantastic value.